Monday, July 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mom's B-day and we are getting together tonight at my parents house. I am looking forward to it! I have a few things to get done this morning so I can relax tonight.

I only have one more chapter to do on my study guide and this hasn't taken me that long to do. Then I need to read the next two chapters in one of my books and then I can take the test. I might not take it till tonight. I also need to respond to two classmates segment 3 papers. Then I am going to hopefully get started on the journal. I might as well work on my LAST exam study guide for this class! Then I also need to get all my segments put together and finalize my research paper. I feel like this class hasn't been that hard just lots of reading. I will be glad that it will be over.

One thing on my agenda today is to find a swim suit. I might still be going to Six Flags but I need to decide today if that will work out. That all depends on how much homework I can get done today! I think I can get the majority done and get started on my journal. I got to thinking that I am going to need a swimsuit for Moonshine beach! My sister and I are going in August! Sooo, I am going to try to fit that in today, if possible! Last weekend was the sidewalk sale at the mall, so hopefully things will still be on sale!

I finally got the yard mowed last night. That is such a task! I waited till the evening and it was still 90 degrees outside! Yuck! I am glad that it is done. The clouds were looking kinda dark and it stormed shortly after I got done! I am hoping to get flowers planted today as they are dying now! I hope that will revive them.

I had better get ready for the day since I have lots of homework to do and have to celebrate later today!

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