Monday, July 23, 2007

I have a plan, a european plan . . .

Sunday afternoon for some reason I woke up at 1445. Instead of trying to go back to sleep, I went to look at my travel books I got from my travel agent. I keep looking at the prices and thinking of what I would want to spend on my trip to Paris and London. I have kinda decided that I might go for 14 days instead of 7. If I go only for 7 days, then I only get about 3 day in each Paris and London. I think the 14 day trip I would be able to have more leisure time and would enjoy myself more. The one thing that stops me is it is kinda expensive!

I was thinking on the way home from Six Flags on Friday on how I could pay for my trip and came up with some ideas. Last night at work, I thought of something else that I forgot all about that would help too. I think 14 days in Europe might be possible - and get my digital SLR camera I want! I need to put these ideas down on paper and get a plan started. Then I also need to figure out what time of year would be best!

I will have to tell all about my journey to Six Flags on Friday soon! I am working on my journal that is due at 9am and have hit a slump. I am at the Mudhouse and the people sitting ( or I should say jumping) are driving me a little silly and breaking my concentration. I might have to finish my journal at home!


~Ane~ said...

exciting to hear you might go to Europe!! London and Paris, you will love it!! Been to London twice, Paris once and short. I could give you some tips if you want:) and I would do more than a week, both because of the possible jet-lag and the stress about traveling and sightseeing.

well let me know if you have questions!

Musicmom-Amy said...

How exciting for you Jana!!! Plan away girl!