Friday, July 20, 2007

Day trip!!!!

Today is the day that my sister, nieces and I go to Six Flags! A couple of days ago our parents decided to go too! Soo my Dad has rented a van so we can all go in one vehicle. Our parents aren't going to Six Flags though. Or maybe they will go to the amusement park after we get done at the water park. Not really sure. My Dad loves gardening and wants to see the botanical gardens. Not sure what else they are going to do! I need to make a trip to St. Louis after school is out to have some fun!

I am excited because I found me a nice swimsuit at JcPenney's last night! It was 40% off! Nothing like waiting till the end of summer for finding a swimming suit! This swim suit has a lining in it which I love and has better support. I had bought a swimsuit at Wal-mart earlier in the week but it doesn't give me proper support and the straps seem to migrate. I could see that I was going to fight it!

I haven't gotten any homework done other than completeing the exam this week! Yikes! This is the day I was planning to get everything caught up so next week won't be so crammed with homework. I always have good intentions to get things done early but it rarely works out that way!

Off to get ready for some family fun! I hope to be able to take pictures but not sure if I want to risk losing my camera!

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