Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July!!

I actually have to work today which is a bummer. I had asked for the day off but so did everyone else. I do get about 5 hours of overtime so I guess that will be nice. I finally got my yard mowed today! I started it last night and finished today. While I was mowing last night, the crazy snake had to make an appearance! Two days in a row, a snake appearance! My Dad had accidently killed one earlier this year but he must have had friends. Yuck! But anyway, I need to get that crazy weedeater out and try to get it to work. It takes me forever to get it started and makes my hands go numb when I finally do get it started. Maybe I will give that a whirl when I get off from work in the morning.

I have a water line now that goes to my ice maker! WOOHOO!!!!! I am excited about this! I finally am getting some ice cubes that don't have debris in them! My Dad and I let it run before hooking it up to my fridge to get the debris out but I guess there was still some. Then last night when I turned on my kitchen faucet and I noticed that the water pressure wasn't very good as it was. This morning I barely have any water coming from my faucet! My Dad seems to think that some of the debris is now clogged in my faucet pipes. He is going to help me get it unclogged but I work to much the rest of the week so it might be next week. We will see.

I had better finish getting ready for work. I would much rather be hanging out with my family and taking pictures! I work with good people so I am sure the night will be fun! I am hoping for a nice slow evening! :-)

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