Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Darn allergies!

I am coming to a conclusion that my allergies seems to bother me the mornings that I get up and spend it in my bonus room. I have a window fan and a regular fan to keep the temperature down. I am thinking that when I use the window fan, that is when my allergies flare up! I was doing fine until I had been upstairs for a while this morning and my allergies started bothering me. They just get worse instead of better through out the day. I am thinking I need to take the window fan down and shut the window and see if that helps the allergy situation. It might not help the temperature situation but I would rather be a little warm than spending my only day off from work - that I am not sleeping, at least, sneezing.

I am at the Mudhouse today, having a little lunch and working on segment 3 of my paper. I haven't done very well with these darn allergies! They ended up forgetting about me again and they gave me a card for a free drink. I am not sure how many of these they have given me because they have somehow forgotten me.

This morning I was preparing a meal for the crock pot, chicken creole. It called for a jalapeno chopped up. I seeded it and then used my cool new chopping device to chop it. I washed my hands real good, so I thought! I went to put my contacts in and FIRE!!!! I took my right contact out and let it soak and washed my hands a few times! I tried to put my contact back in and it was still firey soo I soaked it some more and then rinsed it quite a few times before I could put it in my eye! WOW! I didn't handle the jalapeno that much. I had washed my hands quite a bit before putting the left one in and it didn't burn. With my allergies bothering me and jalapeno in my right eye, I was looking quite blood shot!

I need to get some of this research done and then run a few errands. I am going to be banned from the public library! I noticed today when I was trying to gather books from the list on my account that I have been charged for one of them! Gotta get these books returned!!!

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