Sunday, July 15, 2007

Mudhouse fun

I got to the Mudhouse today and the guy at the cash register was taking my picture. I was curious what this was about. He told me that they are working on making a website and that they were just taking random pictures of people hanging out at the Mudhouse. Since I am a regular customer, he felt more comfortable taking my picture. Cool! I might end up on the website! He said he would let me know when it is working!

I am reviewing all the stuff I need to finish to get done with my Leadership class. This silly journal that they make us keep is for the birds! We have to reflect on what we learned every week from the reading. This time, we are to only reflect on the book, "Christian Reflections on the Leadership Challenge". Barf! I am not really all this fond of this book. I feel like the authors tend to repeat theirselves and I just want to tell them - alright already! I like books that are to the point and this one tries to stretch it out.

I have a research paper to finish up which shouldn't be that hard. I have written three segments and have some extra stuff to add in that I have found out after turning in each segment. One of the nursing supervisors at work helped me with giving the names of committees and printing some information from the standards manuel. I was quite excited with her help!

I have noticed since having the window shut in my bonus room that it has been hotter!!! I even have room darkening shades and keep them shut. I guess it could be worse! It isn't that fun to hang out anymore. I have a fan but it still doesn't cool it down enough. So, I think I might price about getting a small window air conditioner to help and just use it when I am planning to spend some time in my bonus room. The one a/c vent I have just doesn't seem to cut it!

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