Saturday, July 07, 2007

Artsy evening!

It was a fun evening at the art walk! My sister and nieces went with me. Jasmine didn't want to go but I talked to her and she agreed to go with us! Yay! We started the evening out at the Mudhouse. Our entrance into the Mudhouse was a little rough. I was the last one in the door and I guess we flipped the rug over a little. I didn't even realize we did that till some guy sitting near the door yelled at me, "Hey, all 4 of you did that!". I didn't say a word to him, just went and fixed the rug. Whoa! We got our drinks and went walking.

As we started walking, I heard my name. I stopped and turned around and I didn't recognize the lady right away. She told me her name and then I recognized her! She was a patient I took care of a couple of nights ago! We talked for a little while. Her son had art in the art walk. I was kinda surprised to see her! She said she was feeling much better though!

We all walked to the square and Jasmine wanted to do what put her feet in the water fountain. My sister gave her the go ahead and she was climbing it too. I was wondering how she was staying dry. Well, she wasn't! She came back to us soaking wet! So while my sister and Jasmine sat at the square, Shilo and I went to the good girl art gallery. Such an awesome place! I took a few pictures of some of the cool stuff they had outside. Then I saw in a newsletter for the art walk that there was a poetry slam at Well Feed Head bookstore. Shilo and I decided that would be a fun event. We walked back to the square to get my sister and Jasmine.

When we got back to the square, we rode one of the rickshaw's. He said that we could all pile in and he would take us all! He said he has pulled more than just us before and did fine. So, we had him take us to the bookstore! It was a fun ride! He was a cool rickshaw driver!

When we got to the poetry slam, my favorite poet was up. He was near the end of his poem and then they had a break. I used to go to the poetry readings at Barnes & Noble. I need to check into this and see if they still do that! The last time I went to a poetry reading, no one but my favorite poet showed up! So it was a no go. We did stay for the rest of the poetry slam and it was a fun time! The last part the audience would through out words and they would take 2 words and then they would make a poem out of it. I wouldn't be able to do that! It was quite fun!

I came home and was soo tired from not getting much sleep the last couple of days and ended up falling asleep in my clothes and contacts again! When I woke up I decided to upload some photos to my flickr account and I thought it was strange that I didn't have a limit on how many photos I could upload. Then I noticed that I had a pro account! There is an option to pay for someone to have a pro account and I guess someone has paid for me to have one! To cool! I have no idea who though. I am unsure how to figure out who.

I should be getting back to bed as I have to work again tonight. I really wish I had more than one day off so I could get something accomplished!

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