Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Snakes . . . .

I really hate snakes and I think I have somewhat of a phobia! Today I asked my Dad to help me move the dog house that I inherited when I bought my house. It seems like snakes like to sleep underneath it. While my Dad checked for snakes, I stood on my raised garden. No snakes, good! We moved it out of the way so I can mow. We set the dog house down and was thinking about where to put it. When I went back up to the dog house, I noticed the grass moving and it was a snake! I don't know what kind since my grass is a little tall but I can tell it was a snake by the slithering . . . . . . . YUCK!!!! We got the dog house to its appointed new home. My heart was racing from all the thoughts of snakes and then the appearance of one! To much excitement! Here is a link to a snake poem I found -->> click here!!!

My Dad did all the measuring he needed and was off to buy supplies for installing the water line. I am excited for him to come back today to install it! I hope that he doesn't run into any problems while installing it. I found out that my lawn mower issue was an easy fix. My spark plug was dirty and just needed a clean one! So now it starts up like a charm! It was getting cloudy and starting to rain, so I didn't get the yard mowed. I hope that I can get that done in the morning!

I always have good intentions on getting my homework done. Since my Dad was coming over, I worked on getting my house cleaned up a little. After he left, I was planning on going to a coffee house to sit and finish the study guide for this online test. I was feeling overly tired and decided to take a 30 minute nap and even set the alarm on my cell phone. I don't remember it ever going off and woke up at 9pm! Yikes! I felt like I could just stay in bed but I made my self get up. I was more like a walking zombie then. I grabbed my books and headed to Starbucks. When I got there, they were closing in 20 minutes so I did a little studying and then came back home.

I am excited for this elite DSL internet speed I am supposed to get sometime today! So awesome! I had better get busy with the rest of this study guide so I can go to bed!

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