Monday, July 02, 2007

Lawnmower issues . . . . .

It finally isn't raining today and the sun is out. Perfect day to get the lawn mowed! Right? I get my lawnmower out this morning and head for the backyard as it is starting to look like a jungle! I got my lawnmower started and then I got maybe 2 feet and it sputtered and coughed then died. No problem, I will restart it. Nothing. I decided to let it rest a little and work on water the garden, etc. I go to start the lawnmower again and it sputters and dies. I can't get it to start!

I called my Dad for advice to see if he can give me any tips on what I might be able to do. He suggested the air filter my need cleaned. So I went and got my screwdriver and took a look and yes, it was quite dirty! I wiped it down the best I could and reinstalled it. Still the thing sputters. ARGH!!!! My Dad told me he was wanting to come over to figure out the best way to install a water line so my ice maker will work. This is my birthday present I am getting from my parents! I am quite excited about it! He said if I couldn't get my lawnmower started that he would try to help me.

Yesterday when I was at the Mudhouse, I happened to notice that I was getting my much better internet connection than I do at home. I have noticed on my netflix account that I can watch movies from my PC but at home it says I only get a basic connection. I decided to open that my netflix account up in the Mudhouse and check the connection and it said it was a high connection. I called my internet proveder and by tomorrow - for only $5.00 more I will be getting 4x faster connection than I get now! WOOHOO!!!!! I also found out that for $5.00 less than I am paying now I can get 2x faster. They changed the pricing but never adjusted my pricing. I am glad that I called. I also will get a $30.00 credit for upgrading, a nice special they had going on. I should have it by 8pm tomorrow. :-)

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