Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Downtown tax?

When I was at the Mudhouse yesterday, I noticed that the prices had went up just a little. I had noticed since my 3 month break from the Mudhouse that my normal order was just a little bit more. I didn't think anything of it. I just asked yesterday if the prices went up and I got told that the tax downtown has went up. He told me what it went up to but can't remember it now. I am just wondering what they are going to do with this little extra tax money that they are getting.
While I was at the Mudhouse yesterday, I took a picture of a light that they have hanging on the wall. It has always amazed me and has always made me wonder what it is exactly. I have always taken it to be a one eyed monster that is showing his teeth. Then yesterday, after staring at it longer, it could also be a lamp on a table. I just love art! So fun!

My Mom's B-day celebration was fun. My Dad fired up the chimnia and roasted hot dogs. We had picnic style food. It was fun! My parents have a nice back patio and with a ceiling fan. They have my old glass-top table which my Mom recovered all the chairs with a plastic topping to make them weather proof. We had yummy cake! My Mom loves chocolate cake with mocha icing so of course that is what she had for her birthday!

After leaving my parents, I went to Lowe's and got me a window air conditioner for my hot bonus room. I am looking forward to getting it installed! I am not sure when that will as I might need my Dad's help. I noticed this morning the support that I bought says that you can install it from the inside of the window. If that really is true, then I won't need a ladder. I have a small drill so I still might need my Dad's heavy duty drill! I am looking forward to cooler times in the bonus room!

I ended up waking up at 7am this morning! I have to work all night too. I still need to do my online exam but was too tired last night to do it. I have to get it done before going to work tonight! Yikes! I hope to also get a nap in. I have an appointment tomorrow at 4pm to get my hair trimmed so that means that I have to wake up early from sleeping tomorrow and then go to work. Yuck!

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Musicmom-Amy said...

Love that lamp! TFS you pic.