Friday, June 15, 2007

Interesting day

I had my day all planned out today and it didn't work out the way I was hoping. I had woke up at 7am, had a little heartburn, too some tums, feed the cats and decided to lay back down till the alarm went back off at 9am. I somehow slept through the alarm and ended up waking up at 2pm!!!!! Sooo, I had to redo my plans. My original plan was to wake up early, plant my vegetables in my garden and to plant my flowers I had bought the day before, then get my oil changed and head to Branson Landing. So I ended up doing everything but the Branson Landing part.

I am hoping to go to Branson Landing tomorrow and to relax a little bit more. I just love Branson Landing as it reminds me of the shopping mall I went to in Cancun, Mexico. Ahhh! Paradise! I plan to bring my camera and to take some more pictures. At least now, I can wake up and head to Branson instead of having to do all the other little chores I had to do today.

One funny little thing that happened today was when I got my oil changed. I went to Jiffy Lube and ended up spending more money than I was going to but they kept giving me special discounts so I suckered into it! I got a new air filter for the price I could go out and buy one myself plus I got me new windshield wipers that are euro wipers! They mold to the windshield unlike my old ones. They are pretty cool and they told me they would last longer because of the way they are made. I also had a brake light out that they replaced for me too. So, at least these things are done and I hopefully won't need anything else for awhile.

After I was done, it was closing time for the car wash but I was able to get in right before they closed. My car hadn't been washed in a long time and really needed it! After they were done wiping down my car, they pulled it out and I had all the guys from auto magic around my car. One guy asked me if I was willing to sell my car. I told him I really liked my car and wasn't looking to sell but he kept telling me why he needed it. He kept giving me trivia about my car that I didn't know about how fast it can go and the engine. Such a guy thing! I told him if he got me an Acura RSX, then he could have it!!! :-) I told him the blue book value was around $5,000 but he wanted the black book value of about $1,200. Silly boy! I finally got to leave Auto Magic, with my car! It's too bad all those guys were so young! :-)

Since I didn't go to Branson Landing, I decided to use a coupon I got in the email from Borders for my birthday. I got a free dessert and also 15% off one item. I ended up leaving with 3 books and a magazine! I can't wait till I have time to read the books and the magazine is "Essential Home Skills". I looked at the magazine as I was sitting in the cafe and it has some great tips that will help me do some things myself around the house. I might have to subscribe to this one!

When I got home today, I saw that one of my photos had made it into the interesting photos on I searched and searched till I finally figured out which one it was! It was a photo I took of Felix trying to get my attention on my desk! I have included that cute picture in this post! I have gotten 20 comments on it too. It is the most popular photo so far! :-)

I had better get doing something productive, like study. :-)

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Carolyn F said...

What an adorable cat picture!!! I hope you gave him the snuggles he was after!