Friday, June 01, 2007

Rainy day . . .

Today is the first Friday art walk but it was thundering, lightening tonight so I didn't go. Since it was rainy and I didn't have to much to do, I ended up at Best Buy to look for filters for my parents camera. I didn't realize that they came is different sizes and that I needed to bring the lens in to get a proper fit.

While I was there, I kept looking at the digital SLR cameras. They weren't that busy so the guy let me play around with them!!! I am falling more in love with the Canon 30D than I am the Nikon D80 now. It is so awesome how fast I can get these cameras to focus and it seems to take me forever to get the Pentax camera to focus. It is making me want a digital SLR camera more and more! I absolutely love the sports action feature! The Canon has a better continuous mode than the Nikon does. :-) I am hoping that it doesn't rain all weekend so I can go take various pictures around town!
When I got home, I started playing around with my camera and trying to take self-portraits. I finally was using the mirror to see what the screen looked like on my digi camera. I had a lot of blurry pictures but it was fun playing around!

I am hoping to get a little bit of scrapping done tonight or at least put some pictures with kits. My printer is acting up tonight so I am not sure if I will be able to print pictures. I have left it unplugged so hopefully it will reset and hopefully work!

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