Wednesday, June 06, 2007

School is back in session!

I wasn't excited about my leadership class after reading the syllabus. It seemed icky and kinda scary. Today after meeting the instructor and the discussion we had in class today, I feel better about it. I really think I am going to like this instructor. I hope this ends up being a good experience unlike last semester! I still don't have my books for the class but I think I have lucked out that the first thing due is a simple discussion board question and our first part of our paper. Phew! I hope that it arrives soon so I can get started on the reading!

One thing I am liking about this class is the way she is doing our research paper. We actually do 3 parts of the paper through out the class. Part 1 is due next week and it is the intro of our paper and some general questions. I am going to write my paper on floating to monitored floors when you haven't had any training in reading monitors. That is one thing that I don't like about floating - the fear of having to go to a monitored floor! I don't know how to read the monitors and I have to rely on what someone else is telling me. I have had good and bad experiences when floating to monitored floors. One good experience was that the charge nurse watched my monitors and assisted me on the charting. She was very helpful and I felt confident that the monitors were being taken care of. I have also had experiences where they didn't look after my monitors or didn't tell me what they meant. The unit I work on is supposed to be going to a closed unit to where we only float to our sister unit. That is what triggered the idea for my paper. But then we takes these parts and put them together, answer questions that has come up from the discussion board and put it together. I hope that it goes smoothly!

I have actually been cleaning tonight. I got home from school and mowed my yard and was wanting to get the weedeater out but it was 9pm soo I finally came inside. I didn't mean to start cleaning but decided to look for my super nintendo and hook it up to the TV tuner on my desktop. To find the super nintendo was difficult as it was in the extra bedroom where everything you don't know what to do with goes! I actually moved all the boxes to one side of the room and cleaned the part of the floor that was exposed. I finally found it in the closet in a box in there. I am going to have to start little by little clearing these boxes out so I can have my room back! I remember a time when that room was clean and I would sit in the floor and enjoy watching TV. It will happen once again!

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