Friday, June 08, 2007

Very unhappy . . . . .

I am so displeased with my Rx plan which I am sure if anyone has been reading my blog will know this. The story isn't getting any better. I have been fighting since the middle of April to get medicine that will control my GERD. Which the medications that my Rx plan says I can take don't work. I am currently taking Prevacid and I have heartburn on a daily basis and eat Tums like they are candy. I had the gastro last week which I was told if it showed abnormalities (which it did) that I would be able to prove to the insurance that I need to be on the Nexium that I had been taking for the last 2 1/2 years which controlled my GERD.

Today, I was in my doctors office and I asked if they had gotten the letter from my GI doctor and what we needed to do for this process. I wasn't actually seeing the doctor today so they flagged him and they would call me with his response. I get called and they aren't going to even try to put me back on my Nexium. I am wondering why I had that expensive test done last week if the abnormal results aren't going to get me anywhere! I was under the impression that my GI doctor was writing that I needed to be put back on my medicine. Instead of trying to get my medicine, they have ordered a nausea medicine that is supposed to also increase the tone of the lower esophageal sphincter (LES). WTF?!?!?!??! Another thing I wonder is why didn't he start this medication when I called to say the Prevacid wasn't working in April? Why let me go for almost two months waiting to have the gastro done and then do nothing of what I was told was recommended. I do believe that I need to get me a copy of this letter and I might have to consult with my GI doctor about all of this too. I am not even sure how long I am supposed to wait to see if this medication is working.
I am wondering if I need to get a part-time job at another hospital that has a better Rx plan just so I can get the medicine I need!

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