Thursday, May 17, 2007

The last final . . . . .

I am finished with my Theories and Research class and soooo glad! That was not an easy class. The instructor didn't make it any easier with those crazy test that she gave us! They were all open book but I didn't get very good scores on them and really hope that I did alright on my research paper and journal. I think I might come out with a B. :-P

I have my College Algebra test this afternoon and getting ready to get a few hours of sleep and then spend the rest of the day studying for that. I am unsure how I will do on it. She gave us a copy of an old final and some of it seems real easy and other parts, I remember doing it but can't remember how I did it! I just need to review all of that today. I just hope I don't run out of time. That has been my biggest factor this semester. There just isn't enough hours on my days off to get school work done and getting errands ran.

I am looking forward to getting my house a little more organized again. For some reason my coffee table and around the coffee table is cluttered again. I still need to come up with a daily clean-up plan to keep the clutter down. Another thing I am going to clean is my cat Felix!! He is my wild kitty and I can't take him to the vet to get groomed as he has a growling hissy fit! He had gotten some tangles because he doesn't let me brush him but I held him down and got him brushed and all the tangles out. The fur was flying! :-) The next step is a bath.

I am sure while I am trying to get some sleep, I will be doing math in my head because of my test this afternoon. I will be getting me some relaxed sleep tonight and can't wait! I haven't had any good sleep I think since March when I was on vacation. I am long overdue!

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