Sunday, May 13, 2007

A little bit of relaxation . . . . .

I stayed up all night last night till my paper was done. I haven't turned it in yet as I am going to go back over it tonight and then send it. I also need to start on my journal tonight that is due in the morning but feel so much better after getting done with my paper. I just hope that I did everything she has asked. I get confused about all the different research designs and the different ways to interpret data. After I get my journal done, all I have left is my final in my theories & research and college algebra. My theories and research final is online and I have the test. If I get done with my journal early tonight, I will have to work on that then all I have to worry about is my college algebra test!

It has been a little warm here and my bonus room where I keep my desktop has been 97 degrees today! I can't tolerate it that long. Last night when I was trying to finish my paper, I broke down and turned the air on and it made it tolerable. Then today, the temp went back up to 97 degrees again so tonight I finally turned the air back on. That room is freezing in the winter and so hot in the summer! I normally only have a few days that it is comfortable when the weather is cooler. I am waiting for it to get cooler so I can sit at my desk to finish my homework!

I was hoping to go to my parents house this weekend, esp. today since it was mother's day. It didn't quite work out that way. Since I stayed up till 0730 this morning, I slept till 1330. When I called my sister, she had already been over there. I tried to call and nobody was home! I called this evening to wish my mom a happy mother's day.

I got out my ice tea maker tonight and made some vanilla caramel tea. Yum!!!!! I will be drinking that the rest of the night!

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