Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Shilo's b-day!

I went to my parents house tonight and we celebrated Shilo's birthday. I can't believe that she is 12 already!!!!! She actually had her party last Friday but I was working. It seems like I always end up working on Shilo's b-day celebrations! We got together and had a miniature celebration!

While I was at my parents house I asked to see there Pentax 35mm camera. My parents have had this camera since 1982 and I remember using it when I was old enough. I have been out of touch with manual focus for quite a while and I have borrowed there camera to do get the feel of it again. It seems old school since it takes film! :-) I went to Wal-mart and got new batteries and film. While loading the film, I was looking in the wrong spot for the indicator of what picture I was on and ended up taking 8 pictures of nothing! I know now! He he! I have found a wide-angle lense and a telephoto lense on eBay for under $20!!!! I haven't bid on any yet as I am unsure how to tell if they will fit the camera or not. My parent will be over at my house tomorrow so I will have to ask them.

Tomorrow is my gastroscopy at the hospital. While I am at the hospital with my Mom, my Dad is going to help me with some yard work. Tomorrow is going to be kinda boring to me since I won't be allowed to drive. I am not used to just sitting at home!! I am hoping to get some housework done and to maybe do some scrapbooking!

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~Ane~ said...

hehe that is soo cool, that' like the camera my dad has/had.... Pentax!!!

I guess you really looking forward for your DSLR now:)