Friday, May 11, 2007

No work!!!!

I was excited today when I got to work. I actually got to work 30 minutes early today as I was doing errands before going to work and got done earlier than I thought. I was sitting in the report room waiting for time to go clock in. While I was waiting, someone came back to the report room and said that someone was getting a mandatory which it was to be our traveler. They couldn't get ahold of him and he was driving in from Arkansas as that is where he lives. Since he showed up and didn't want to go back home after driving 2+ hours, I got to go home!!! I was sooo excited because that is giving me the extra time I needed to work on my paper and study for finals! WOOHOOO!!!!!!!

I also had the scheduler call me today for my test and she caught me off guard at first because after she told me she was the GI scheduler she said, "You look familiar". Uhhh we are on the phone so how does she know what I look like? She told me that my picture was on file. I was beginning to wonder for a moment! That is the only bad thing about having procedures done at the hospital you work at. You see too many people that you know! The last time I had this test done, I had people come say hi to me that I used to work with that had transferred to the outpatient center.

Since I slept most of the day I am going to stay up part of the night to get a good chunk of my paper written! I might actually get to spend mother's day with my mom now! :-) I am going to attach a pic from Cinco de Mayo of my friend with the mexican band! :-)

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