Friday, September 14, 2007

Brave day!

This morning around 0900, I decided to finish mowing my yard since I didn't get to that last night. It was nice a cool outside so the weather was good! I got started and my lawnmower kept dying because the grass was kinda tall in my backyard. At one point when I was restarting my lawnmower, the handle to start my lawnmower came loose from its holding place and I couldn't get it to move. I go inside and outside a few times and noticed snake skin on my back porch. I always thought I was safe up there as I was up off the ground. I had went inside again to get my cordless phone to call my dad to see if he could help me with my lawnmower over the phone. As I walk back outside, I saw a snake all curled up in my bamboo lamp that was leaning against the railing near my back door!!!!!

My heart was pounding!!! The only door I had unlocked was near the snake. I kept looking around to find something to kill the snake with but I had moved everything into my garage. That meant I had to walk by the snake again to go inside to get my loopers! Before doing that, I called my parents and talked to my Dad. He wasn't able to help me over the phone with my lawnmower problem but said he could be over within an hour. So in the mean time, I got brave enough to go inside and get my loopers. I was able to get ahold of the snake just right and looper it! It was a scary moment but a very brave one!!!! I have been a little jumpy since seeing the snake today! I hope that I don't see anymore . . . . I will post pics later!

My Dad made it over and we somehow got my lawnmower running again. I finished mowing my lawn and my Dad worked on my wood pile that had fallen over. My yard looks so much better! I actually need to mow my front lawn again since it has been almost a week. The rain this year hasn't helped me with keeping up with the mowing.

I had emailed my instructor for my Community Health class asking some questions on my community assessment. I haven't heard back from her. :-( This class has got me on edge trying to complete the clinical hours. :-/ Only 8 more weeks left of this class!

I am at the Mudhouse to get some studying done. I went and bought a new wireless mouse today. This one keeps the usb receiver in the base of the mouse so I hopefully won't accidently bend this one!

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