Friday, September 28, 2007

Unproductive day

I was in such a productive mood last night and did get things done for school that will benefit me time wise. I was really hoping to get up early and do my windshield survey. I didn't get to bed until 2am and finally got out of bed this morning at 11am! I was trying to have a leisure morning and then all of a sudden noticed the time and needed to get ready to take Pandora and Felix to the vet!

I had to be sneaky to get them into their cat carriers. I set them up in the garage and then went inside the house. Felix was outside the garage door and knew something was up!!! I was able to get ahold of him and get him in the carrier without to much difficulty. I finally found Pandora napping under the futon and got her all loaded up. Off we went! Pandora meowed the whole time!!! It is about a 20 minute drive of meowing!

Pandora does good, she does try to get away some but she is fairly calm about the situation. I guess except the meowing in the car! Felix starts growling in his car carrier when he realized where we were. Last year Felix hissed, smacked and growled. He was ready for a fight!!! They even got out these huge heavy duty gloves to hold him since he was misbehaving! This year, he just growled the whole time. He did much better! I do have to bring them back in three weeks for boosters to a new vaccine they received. I included a picture in this post of Felix after he had his rectal temp taken and we were waiting for the vet. It is a little blurry as he wouldn't stay still.

I got Pandora and Felix back home and it took a little longer than I had thought at the vets office. It was too late for me to go visit my community assessment sites. So, I just need to work on my interview questions and be ready to maybe visit one everyday after work next week. I will actually have all day Wednesday off to get more done if needed. I am looking forward to one clinical opportunity that I have next week which is touring the Federal Medical prision in the area. I have actually been there before when I was in LPN school but that was about 11 years ago! Our tour is to be for 2 hours! Yay! I want to see as much as I can!!!

I think my finger with the cyst is hurting from typing! I have noticed that the cyst has gotten bigger and my pinkie now looks pregnant compared to my other pinkie! I am soo ready to get something done about this. I should know what the game plan is in a couple of weeks. I remember when this bump first showed up in late August and I showed this one girl at work as I was concerned about it. She told me it was nothing and it would go away. I haven't seen her since that day and now to think this nothing might require surgery! YIKES!!!! I was really hoping she was right!!!

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