Saturday, September 22, 2007

Peaceful morning . . . .

I have been just enjoying the morning, listening to music and the cats have been hanging out with me. I love mornings that I can wake up and just get ready at my own pace. Loving the fact that I have no appointments, just studying to do today. I do need to buy me a ticket to the C-street loft walk that is tomorrow! I will have to remember to bring my camera to takes pictures of this historic neighborhood. I wish I could take pictures of the lofts and the awesome decor that these people have. Rules . . .

Okay, I need to write up some goals. Some of them will be the same from last weekend as I didn't got them all accomplished.


  1. Write up questions to start interviewing the sites I have chosen. I believe I have a better understanding on what I am doing after having class last week. At least I hope!!

  2. Start working on getting information typed up that I have gathered so far for my data collection part of my assessment.

  3. Get the journal entries completed that is due next Monday. DONE!

  4. Finish studying for online exam in Community Health that is due Monday. DONE!

  5. See what research I can find on the internet for my Community Assessment.

  6. Read the next chapters for Old Testament and answer questions for Quiz 5.

  7. Decide which prophet to write my research paper on and get started on it!!!!


  1. Go to Lowe's to find a better mask to wear while mowing the yard.

  2. Mow the yard.

  3. Lopper the weeds around the fence.

  4. Clean around the house.

  5. Continue on working on bonus room and organizing scrap stuff.


  1. Get tickets today for loft walk. DONE!

  2. Hang out at the Mudhouse and get some studying done, hopefully. DONE!

  3. Work on photos for challenge on TSC. DONE!

  4. Scrapbook?? Not sure I will have time for that but it is always a good thought!

  5. Order Design Premium! Ponder some more about upgrading my Microsoft software.

  6. Hang out at Barnes & Noble and/or Borders. DONE!
  7. Search the internet for beads! Esp. big crystal stars!

Okay, I think that I need to get in the shower so I can get started on this list. :-)

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Anita said...

good for you for making a list. They just make me feel inadequate because I never finish them! ;)