Thursday, September 13, 2007

Stressful moments to come . . .

This morning, I was content after having 17 hours of sleep. I woke up and felt better and ready to tackle my class at noon. While I was getting ready for class, I was excited as my books that according to was to be delivered on Friday came today! I didn't have time to look at the books as I need to get ready for class. I kept thinking about them when I was sitting in class!

The books I got was: The Prima Game Guide to Sims 2 Bon Voyage expansion pack! I am excited to learn some tricks to this new addition to my game. The other book was, "We dare you: scrapbook challenges about real life". I am looking forward to when I have some time tonight to look through my new books.

After class today, I got my allergy shots and then went to Borders for some frozen coffee. Then I came home to do some things I need to do around the house and to do some yard work. I have gotten as far has checking the email, reading my MB and decided to see if the new schedule was out at work. Then I got mad at the schedule.

I am quite upset with how the schedule is because they have taken me off my every other weekend and have me working more during the week. I never thought they would do this so never said that I needed to work my weekends because of school. So now that the schedule is published, they have me working every other day and I don't have a full day - that I will be awake - to work on my clinical hours for my community assessment. It seems like that every clinical that my instructor has posted so far, I am working. I have got to come up with something to get these clinical hours in so I can complete this class. So tonight I was going to review the requirements for this assignment and start working on it tomorrow. It is due Oct. 18 and I have 4 days that I will me awake during the day till this assignment is due. This doesn't give me much time to get this done. I hate school!!!!!!! I also hate having to work full-time nights while going to school.

This day has ended on a sour note. I just hope that I can get something figured out tonight and it won't be as bad as it seems at the moment.

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