Thursday, September 27, 2007

Feeling productive!

I have been trying to take advantage of it! I just got out my school books and planning to work on some of my homework! I actually feel awake so I had better take advantage of it! :-) I thought I would make an entry about my day before doing so!

I didn't go to bed till 2am last night and was planning to wake up a little early so work on my quiz questions for my Old Testament class today. I was too tired and quite unproductive this morning! I try to get to this class early because he post the questions to the next weeks quiz on the projector before and after class. I got there maybe 5 minutes early today so I had to stay after to get the rest of them. I was answering the questions for the quiz we were taking at the end of class during class! I hate it when I do that but have done that the last 3 weeks. I am going to do my best to not do that next week!

My instructor announced today that we will be having a mid-term and it would be more than what the quizzes have been. I am scared! I hope that he gives us some kind of study guide for the mid-term. He also has our term paper due that day of the mid-term!!! Big stress for me! Trying to get my Community Assessment stuff done, study for a mid-term and get a paper done is going to be rough! Through in a few night shifts, you have chaos! My goal for tomorrow is to figure out what minor prophet I am going to write about and get my resources!!! I have two weeks to get this done!!

After class today, I went and grabbed me some lunch and got my allergy shots then headed back to school. I have been trying to get this CD-ROM watched about Public Health Nursing that is for 4 hours of clinical time. I finally got it done!! I didn't know that we had a time limit of 2 hours to check out the CD. I have to write a paragraph or two about each lesson. I just took lots of notes while watching the videos and decided to do that later. It took me about 2 hours to watch all of it with taking all the notes! I am glad to have gotten that done. I am hoping to do my window survey tomorrow in the morning and evening at the 5 clinical sites I have chosen and maybe visit some of the centers to ask questions and maybe set up times that I could possibly shadow someone. I AM GOING TO GET THIS DONE!!! There are moments that I don't feel like I can but today, I have been feeling more positive about my community assessment.

After I got done at the library, I took my 40% coupon to Michael's and got me a CD from Creating Keepsakes - The heritage, Vintage and Retro collection which has fonts and clip art! I am looking forward to loading it on my computer! Then I stopped to get me a frozen coffee drink and then headed home to make dinner and watch Grey's Anatomy!

Tomorrow I am taking two of my cats, Pandora and Felix, for their yearly check-ups. Felix always misbehaves as he hisses, smacks and growls at everybody. They get out the heavy duty gloves to deal with him! Pandora doesn't like it but she doesn't act up like her friend does. I hope everything goes okay tomorrow!

I guess I have rambled enough! I had better get some of this homework done before the moment passes!!!

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