Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fun weekend

I am looking forward to Cider days this weekend and the company I work for is having a picnic. The company I work for has thousands of employees! Soo, it is always a huge and fun event. My nieces love it as they have fun kids stuff there. It is all free! It's great!

I love looking at the art at Cider days and Elsie Flannigan and her sister are going to have a booth this year. I have to check it out! I am wondering what else I can find there today! I ended up missing it last year for some reason. I have gotten myself on a *normal* sleep schedule. I ended up going to bed about 2200 and woke up at 0700 this morning! After some breakfast and my energy drink, I will be good to go!!!

Then on Sunday we have an annual family reunion at a local park. I always enjoy the family reunion which is family from my Mom's side. This is actually my weekend to work and had to request off so I could go. I will have to bring my camera! I will have to work on a scrapbook of the family reunion and write up my family tree - with my Mom's help!

I have been stressed as my teacher hasn't responded to my email yet. She sent out a generic type email to the whole class a couple of hours after I had sent my email. That makes me think that she had read it. I hope that she does get back with me today or I might have to wait till Monday also. *Sigh*

With the new schedule that came out at work, I am a couple of days I really need off. I will be at the school all day and then have to work all night. I need to take advantage of as much clinical stuff as I can! It would be soo much easier if I would be able to be assigned one area, do my paper on that instead of all these one hour here, two hour there stuff. It takes a long time to get up to 45 hours when you are doing it that way. Again, I hate school! It is a stress that I could do without.

My goals this weekend for school:
  1. Do as much research on the internet about the sites I have chosen for my community assessment and to get a binder for all my information.
  2. Write up questions to start interviewing the sites I have chosen.
  3. Read and journal on my reading that is due for Community Health.
  4. Read the chapters for the quiz for Old Testament.
  5. Answer the questions that was given in class for the quiz in Old Testament.
  6. Decide which prophet to write my research paper on and get started on it!!!!

I believe that is all I need to get accomplished this weekend along with all my fun activities!

The pic I included today is a picture of the snake. You can see my loopers in the background connected to the snake. I was afraid to take them off as I didn't want the snake slithering away . . . I hate snakes!!!!!


~Ane~ said...

what kind of snake? Dangerous one?? Wow imagine having a snake in your back yard.... We done't have any dangerous ones really....

Have fun at picnic and at the Cider days!! sounds liek fun!

Jana said...

It was a garden snake, not harmful. I am not sure I would have been brave enough if it was a dangerous snake!!

Carolyn F said...

OMG I HATE snakes!!!