Sunday, September 23, 2007

C-street fun

I have been enjoying the loft walk this afternoon. I was wondering if I was going to make it as I have been just wanting to nap today! When I decide to lay down, all the cats curl up next to me. They love their mommy! :-) I finally got my but in gear and realized that I hadn't had my energy drink for the day. That is what I needed!

I love how people decorate their lofts. I need someone to come help me decorate my house. My walls are still bare and just haven't done much. I hope when I get more time, that I can do some decorating! I think that will be after I graduate! :-) I have also gotten a small workout from walking all the stairs!

I am at a new hang out today. I am at a coffee shop called Big Momma's. I had started out here, had a smoothie and then left to go to the Mudhouse. The Mudhouse was packed!!! There weren't any empty tables so I decided to come back to Big Momma's and hang out here instead. It is quiet and peaceful here.

I still have quite a bit to do with my to do list. I never finished all of my goals from last weekend either. As long as I get my Community Health journal and the online exam done as they are due at noon on Monday. I am guessing the yard work is not going to get done either! Maybe on Wednesday. I just don't want my grass to get super tall as it is harder to mow like that.

I am starting to feel tired again! I need to snap out of it and get this online exam done!

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