Sunday, September 09, 2007

Productive day

I woke up around 10 a.m. this morning and felt awake! This is the second day of feeling awake! It must be my energy drinks! I had run out and finally ordered some more and have had one yesterday and one today! All those vitamins must be doing me some good!

I decided to make me my eggbeater pizza on pita bread. A good healthy start to the day! As soon as I got done with breakfast, I decided to go ahead and take my online exam in community health. Felix had to lay all over my book and I fought with him the entire time I was taking the test but I got it done! I only missed 4 questions out of 50. Not bad! This teacher doesn't seem to be trying to trick us. The last two classes I have had, the teachers were wording things in a tricky way. I feel better about her exams after taking the first one.

Other things I need to get accomplished today is an internet scavenger hunt for my community health class. I had kinda forgotten about this and it is due Monday at noon. Yikes! It doesn't look hard. I just hope it goes smoothly! I also need to work on my next quiz in Old Testament. He has made out third quiz matching and I have found this a little challenging the way he is wording things. I hope to at least get a big dent put into this and finish it up on Wednesday night as the quiz is on Thursday! If I can get this done, I am hoping to do a little scrapbooking! I am not sure I will get to that before falling asleep though!

The weather has been better today with no rain. I am hoping to get my yard mowed today too. I am tired of my jungle of a yard. I am sure the neighbors are beginning to wonder too! I also need to do some cleaning, esp. the kitchen!

Yesterday when I got to the Mudhouse and was setting my laptop up I wasn't able to get my wireless mouse usb transmitter to fit in a usb port. I looked at it and noticed that it has gotten bent! I always put it in the front pocket of my bag so it must have gotten banged on something! With all my books, I can see how it had gotten bent. Soooo, I might need to get a new wireless mouse or see if I can just get a new transmitter. I am not fond of the mouse pad that is on my laptop. It is too sensitive. I will be using it till I can figure out what to do.

I am off on a internet scavenger hunt!

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