Saturday, September 08, 2007

Rainy, calm weekend

It has been raining since Wednesday! So crazy! This evening, it has finally cleared off. I really hope it doesn't rain anymore this weekend so I can get some yard work done! My yard is starting to look like a jungle . . . .

I have been loving the new EP for the Sims 2 Bon Voyage. I love to get the prima guide that goes with each EP but for some reason, no one has it in stock. After making a few phone calls and not finding it, I finally just ordered it online. I even got it cheaper than I could have in the store so it is all good! I can't wait to get it to find out some of the stuff I might have not realized yet.

I have been studying this afternoon at the Mudhouse. I have accomplished to get my week 3 journal entry done! I tend to wait till the last minute to get these done and I am actually up-to-date! :-) I have a lot of reading to do and I have an online exam to take. I had forgotten about an assignment that is due on Monday. Phew! I have too much to do and would like to have a weekend that I don't have to study this much. I am glad that I feel awake and not too sleepy. I might actually get something accomplished this weekend.

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