Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Another day in the life of . . . . .

I rented a couple of movies tonight. My plan was to straighten up my house and organize some things but I need to replenish my diet A&W and on the way to the store to do that I stop and rented movies. I watched the movie "Crash" - good but kinda sad. I normally don't watch sad movies but I didn't realize that it was going to be sad! I would recommend it. I watched it on my laptop in my bonus room as I made the cards for a swap I am in! I have to say that I tackled the new blinds for my bonus room and they are up. I just needed to do it another day since they had me so frustrated last night.

I got a few errands done today - one being my oil being changed. It ended up being pricier than I thought. My sister had given me a coupon for $10 off synthetic oil change. I found out AFTER my oil has been changed that my bill came to $56 even with my $10 discount. The guy told me that I should see an improvement in my gas mileage. I had better! Beware of synthetic oil - it is expensive.

I went to the Mudhouse tonight to get some studying done which actually didn't really get any done. When I first got there it was quiet and I hadn't checked the message boards I like to read. It always takes awhile to get through all of that! By the time that I was ready to get serious, it was packed! It was too loud in there that I couldn't concentrate on what I was reading so I packed up and left. When I go outside to my car I have a note on my car. Hoping it was a love not from a secret admirer but no such luck. It was a note telling me to look at my front license plate and they "didn't know if it was like that before". The truck parked in front of you with license plate of ___________. I stood back and oh my! My front license plate is bent completely out of shape! I just stood there in disbelief that this has happened. It doesn't look like any other part of my car was damaged but my license plate. I guess that is good but how do you go about getting new license plates? And to top it off I have personalized plates! ARGH!!!! I wish people would just watch what they are doing! They changed all the parking to parellel parking downtown so I wonder how many other people this has happened too.

I need to get to bed so I can get me some good sleep in my nice warm bed! Mmmmm!

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