Sunday, November 06, 2005

Oops . . . . .

Well, I learned how to get EVERYONES attention at the Mudhouse tonight. I was getting something out of my bag when I guess I tugged on the cord of the lamp that was sitting on my table. I fell to the floor and the bulb shattered! Oh my! All you could here was gasp and everyone staring at me! Good grief! Sure didn't mean to do that! The funny thing of this is that I was sitting at a table without a lamp and I decided I needed a table with a lamp so I moved to a table with a lamp. In the end, I should have stayed at the other table because I was left studying without a lamp anyway. I did get my homework done though so I really don't have anymore homework to do till Tuesday when I end up with more! I am in the process of straightening things up in my house then I am going to start on these swaps that I am in!

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