Sunday, November 20, 2005

Lazy Sunday

I am at the Mudhouse, supposed to be studying but so far haven't started and I have been here for 2 hours! I spent the first 1 1/2 hours having a nice talk with a friend. :-) I realized today that if I am going to get my homework done for my classes which aren't due till another 1 1/2 weeks that I have to do them before returning to work on Wednesday. I am working a crazy schedule because of the holidays. I work two days, off one, work three days, off one then work one day then off for four days! I will be in a coma by then! I guess if I had to I could get some homework done this Friday but I am sure I will be to sleepy and won't accomplish much.

I won't get to spend Thanksgiving with my family as I have to work the day before and the night of turkey day. My Mom was trying to have it a day I was going to be off and I was working it too! Oh well. I will get to spend with my second family - my co-workers! That won't be that bad. Our patient census normally drops around the holidays so we will see what happens.

I guess I should be figuring out ANOVA for my statistics class and then tackeling my Microeconomics class which I have a discussion and a quiz to take. It is starting to get busy at the Mudhouse - it was like a ghost town earlier!

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