Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Independent or Dependent? The question of the day!

Last night was my Dad's birthday and I spent the evening at my parents house. We grilled out turkey dogs on the chimnea in the backyard. The weather has been very nice here! I wish it could be like this all the time! I hope that my Dad had a wonderful birthday!

I mentioned last night to my parents that we should not buy gifts for each other for Christmas. Instead we should put our money together and go on a vacation. They didn't go for it. My little niece told me no we need gifts. So I guess we aren't going with my idea. . . . .

I have been addicted reading the travel blogs. I want to be like the people that quit there jobs and travel for a year! One couple's blog I have been reading is very interesting! They have had some scary moments but a lot of fun moments! I have been able to learn about different countries and different parts of this world that I didn't even know existed! If you ever want to learn peoples adventures go there! I am even going to work on a travel blog and tell my adventures up to this point and hopefully future adventures!

I had my Statistics class tonight and we learned about dependent testing. I can do the math but to figure out if you are doing independent or dependent testing is still a little confusing to me! I will have to read the book more to see if I can understand it better! We have a test next week that I am a little scared about! There are too many formulas to remember!

I have got to get busy with working on my swaps and some scrapbooking journals for my circle journal I am in!

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