Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Crazy kitty cats!

After I got out of school today I went to the "Three Dog Bakery" to see if they had treats for cats. They had a few and I also got them a little "cake" treat for them. They told me that dogs love it and she wasn't for sure if cats would but I thought I would try. I get home and cut a little sliver off and Felix was the first to arrive! I put it in his dish and he sniffed it, licked it, looked at me and then put his paw in his dish and pushed it out!!!! He didn't like it! The cat that will eat anything didn't like it! Pandora did the paw thing in the dish too and Chloe just sniffed it and walked away. So it wasn't a big hit! If I get to go to Easter at my Grandma's, her little dog buffy might get a treat! I did get my cat's "kitty kavier" and they loved it! It is fish flakes and that was the winner!

I never got my cats bathed like I had planned over the weekend. I will have to conquer that task on my vacation! I am currently at the Mudhouse needing to get some studying done. I actually have homework to email tonight to one of my instructors.

I am also going to order Prima flowers tonight from the internet!! WOOHOO!!!! I can't wait! I had better get my Health Assessment homework done then I will order me some flowers then finish my Pathophysiology review questions. Sounds like a plan!

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