Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Good news!!

Blog Challenge: You find/win/are given/inherit $100,000. Make a list and itemize exactly what you would do with the money.

Hmmm . . . . . . . . my thoughts would be to pay everything off, including my house! I wouldn't have much left after doing that! Then I could save money for retirement and also I would start updating my home!!!! My Coca-Cola kitchen would be a reality! I wouldn't have to work full-time if I didn't want too. :-)

I have been working hard getting this paper done and I have worked hard getting it done! I have the paper all typed up and printed it out tonight to proofread. I am going to make any changes on the printed copy then update it and be done!!!!! I need to actually get to bed to get some rest as I have a bunch of homework to get done before I go to work Wednesday night!!!

I had some major frustration at the Mudhouse tonight!!! I was working on writing my paper going back and forth from my internet resources and my paper and all of a sudden I couldn't connect to the internet anymore!!!! I tried all the tricks I knew and none of them worked! I went and asked someone who worked there and they didn't know what to do. I started working on other parts of the paper hoping the internet would come back on but it never did. I was there for at least 2 hours after the internet went out hoping it would come back. I ended up finishing my paper at home with fighting with keeping Felix off my papers! I don't understand how the internet could just go out like that! At least I got my paper almost done!!!!

Today in class I was fighting to stay awake and wasn't surprised by that! We were supposed to have a test next Tuesday but our teacher has postponed it another week!!! I was excited as I haven't had much time to look over our review questions with writing this paper! I will have time this weekend to answer all the review questions and not feel as rushed!!!! I also hope to get some yardwork done since I won't be as rushed! WOOHOO!!!!!!

Well, it is 4am here and have to wake up early enough to get all my other homework done!

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BonnieRose said...

did you ever get that coca cola book you ordered? how did u like it?? just wondering! have a great day!