Friday, April 21, 2006

There is still hope . . . . . . . .

of me passing Pathophysiology. I got my test score today and it was about the same as my others so I have hope that I might still pass this class now. I was thinking I had totally flunked the test. The class average was 81%. I am excited that she posted the review questions for the next test and made it only 3 chapters so maybe I can do better on the next test and boost my odds of passing this class!!!! She still hasn't graded my research paper and that will tell me more about my status in this class. I will have to start on the questions this weekend and then memorize all the notes! I hope there won't be any surprise's on the next test. I really don't want to take this class again!

It has been a week since I turned my laptop in to Best Buy for more repairs. I really really hope that I get a call next week regarding the status of my laptop. I really miss it! My old laptop seems to be to getto now after having a sleek, light weight laptop with wireless built in! I just hope that they figure out the true problem. I have a 1GB flash drive now so I can start saving my school stuff on so I don't have a heart attack if this happens again! :-)

Anyway, today is FUN FACT FRIDAY for the 2peas challenge.

My fun fact would have to be about my cats - they are ever soo cute!!! I was born a cat lover and excited when I finally talked my parents into getting a cat when I was 16. I didn't need a car, just a cat!! :-) About 5 years later I got allergy tested and have a severe allergy to cats! I currently have 3 cats and just live with the allergies. I am too much of a cat lover to get rid of my babies. My allergy doctor has told me that I would be a new women if I was to get rid of my cats but he realizes that isn't going to happen!

My cats personalities are soo different. Chloe is sassy and doesn't like to be bothered unless she decides she wants to be bothered! Felix wants my love all the time and follows me around the house. He will meow his little head off if we are separated by a door or if I go outside, he meows at the window. He is a mama's boy! Pandora is pretty and she is a gets scared easily. Pandora and Felix are best buds most of the time and will sleep together. If Chloe is around, Pandora is afraid to walk by her as Chloe will smack and hiss when she walks by her! The Pandora and Felix will have there paws up ready to smack when Chloe walks by just in case! I am sure that doesn't help with Chloe from stopping smacking and hissing at them! They are all cute in there own way!

I am excited that my sister and I are going to a crop tonight at her church! I have never been to a crop before and I am excited about going. I actually need to go home and start packing for my adventure tonight. I have all these scrapjammie kits and I have some bo bunny mini books to put together! I need to make sure that I have enough adhesive, I might have to make run to Hobby Lobby! I need to get home to start preparing for a fun night of scrapping!!!

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smkh1117 said...

Never been to a crop before? I think you're gonna love it! Have fun!