Friday, April 28, 2006

I am a happy girl . . . . .

for several reasons but the thing that is making me happy right now is I have my laptop back!!!!! Another thing I am happy about? They didn't have to restore the hard-drive!! All my stuff I thought I had lost is still there!!! WOOHOO!!!!! I just hope that my computer doesn't do this anymore or I won't be a happy girl. I do have some stuff to transfer that I added to my old laptop while my new one was getting fixed. I am also happy to have my Napster music back without having to ask them to reinstate my songs!

The last week of my vacation has been fun and relaxing. I have been taking time to relax - maybe a little bit to much - about school. I haven't done any of my papers or presentation or my case study. I have felt like I needed the break but I actually need to do some work with my pathophysiology as I have a test next Tuesday and I want to do good!!!! On Wednesday, I had my dreaded check off for my complete head to toe assessment and I did good!!! I was impressed with myself! Our teacher let us look at our paper which I didn't have to till I got to the neuro part and then it was over! It has been a good school week I believe. I only have 3 more weeks left of school and I am excited to be able to have some time off!

I had fun with my nieces yesterday and the weather was good!!! I was hoping to get pictures of us in various parts of downtown and my camera battery went dead before I could take any good pics! We will have to do this again sometime! I am learning that my new camera sucks up the battery power pretty fast! I have been using rechargeable batteries and have found some that will charge 4 at a time instead of two so you can have extra on hand. Good thing to have for a vacation! I need to invest in that soon! It is rainy and cooler again today and according to it is going to rain till Monday.

I am also happy about going scrapbooking at a crop tomorrow with my sister! This will be my second crop to attend but actually my first at a scrapbook store! I am going to work on getting my Jammiecrop layout done that we are going to trade and make an album out of! I have some ideas but not really sure what to do yet. I need to work on uploading new pics I have taken onto my laptop and maybe print some tonight!

I rented movies earlier in the week thinking I would be able to watch them all. I returned 2 of the 4 back on time . . . . I was going to return the other two tonight but I watched one last night and I am not going to get the other watched before midnight. I am sure they like people like me!!! I actually use for this reason but was wanting movies to watch at that moment and wouldn't have gotten any till the end of the week. I believe I will watch the last movie and work on my study questions for my test.

I am also happy about a guy that I have meet through a personal ad I have. We finally meet up with each other this week and I enjoyed his company - and he said he enjoyed mine. He is handsome, has a nice sense of humor and I find he is easy to talk to. I was real nervous about meeting him but that feeling went away after sitting and talking for awhile. I really hope that we get together again someday soon! :-)

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