Sunday, April 09, 2006

Non-productive day!

I took two Benadryl last night and slept through my alarm for 1 1/2 hours this morning!!! My plan was to get up early and get my tire fixed so I wouldn't have to involve my nieces with having to sit and wait. At least I woke up with being able to breath out of one nostril! I got ready and went and picked up my nieces and then went to go get my tire fixed. It took them an hour to get it done. My nieces and I went to the cafe and got smoothies and then walked around the store a little. We tried samples out that they were offering. The time went pretty fast and it wasn't too bad. We went back to my house and got my books and laptop and headed for the Mudhouse! We weren't very productive at the Mudhouse but it was fun! It would have been more fun to walk around downtown and take pictures!! I did take one pic of them outside the Mudhouse. I need to load it up on my computer!

I haven't gotten much studying done or even the rest of my yardwork! Today I did get a neurological assessment done on one of my nieces for one of my classes so I guess I did do something!!! Tomorrow I am going to have to get serious about getting my study guide done!!! I think I will be going to bed earlier tonight than I have been. All I have wanted to do today is take a nap! I had fun spending time with my nieces and hope to do it again soon! Hopefully, we can walk around downtown when things are open!!!

The picture I included today is Felix hanging out with my at the computer - sometimes he tries to type! He thinks he is sooo smart! He loves hanging out with me at the computer!

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