Monday, April 17, 2006

Dream vacation!

My dream vacation is to travel the world!!!! I most interested in traveling in the South Pacific! After reading peoples travel blogs, I have wanted to do the same! I actually have started a travel blog of my own but haven't published it yet. I would love to visit India, Laos, Malaysia, fiji islands, australia. I love watching the travel channel when I get a chance and seeing the different adventures that everyone goes on! One of my favorite things to do is travel and I don't get to do it very often. Last big vacation I went on was to Cancun, Mexico which was almost three years ago!

My laptop that I had back for only 3 weeks died on me again last Thursday! This time I never could get it to turn back on so I lost all my pathophysiology review questions for a test I have tomorrow! Best Buy told me that they might consider my computer a lemon and give me a new one. The service center has to decide this and it might be 2-3 weeks before I get it back! I have 2 papers, a presentation and a case study due and need my computer back! I have my old laptop out but it freezes up and keeps giving me a virtual memory is low message. I hope it isn't getting ready to do something stupid!

I also had my cell phone problems and had to get a new cell phone. Whenever someone called me or I called them everybody sounded sooo far away! I couldn't hear anybody! It cracked me up when I went to the store and the guy was trying to make a phone call from my phone to test it and he looked at me and said "You can't hear anything". :-) I wasn't eligible for an upgrade yet but they did an exceptional upgrade since my phone wasn't working. I have been working on bluetoothing my pictures over to my new phone. I got me insurance on my phone this time as if this is to happen again, I would get a new phone without any problem!!

I actually missed out on Easter yesterday! We were getting together at my grandma's house around 2pm and I had gotten off work at 0700 that morning but I set my alarm to get up early. I slept through my alarm and woke up at 1745!!! I was tired! I got up and started mowing my lawn. My lawn mower ran out of gas when I was very close to being done. I refilled it and never could get it to restart! I thought I might had flooded it so I chilled on my hammock for about 10 minutes and then tried and it still wouldn't start! It was going to be getting dark soon so I put it up and will have to tackle that another day! I went back into the house and was going to take a shower and fell asleep instead and woke up at 0800 this morning! I can't beleive I had slept that long! I should be ready to study for my test tomorrow! I need to soak all that up!

I do have class with Elsie tonight! I haven't figured out which pictures I am taking yet. I need to figure that out!! My sister is coming with me to this one tonight and I can't wait! I need to study hard till I have to meet up with my sister tonight. We are going to have dinner and then go to the class. I am excited about us getting to take this class together! :-)


dynamomomof2 said...

YOu sound so busy - I bet that sleep was much needed. Have an awesome time at your class tonight!

BonnieRose said...

sounds like a busy weekend... have a great time at your class.. sounds awesome!