Sunday, April 23, 2006

Stormy day

I woke up today with it thundering and now it is boring down rain. I have unplugged my laptop - just in case. I have had enough computer problems lately and don't need more. I was going to finish up the yard work today but I guess I will do that another day now!

Yesterday, I was chatting with my friends on Yahoo! Messenger and they all had webcams. I had to go to Wal-mart and get me one too! I don't know what else I can do with it but it is fun watching people as you chat with them! I was trying to look on the internet on how to use a webcam but I kept getting unwholesome things so I guess I will have to figure this stuff out by myself!

I learned how to make these really cute accordian books at the crop I went to and I finally made one this morning since I couldn't sleep but it has no pics. I am going to have to upload pictures and order prints since I am unable to do anything like that till I get my computer back. I hope to get my computer back sometime this week.

My parents have went out of town today and won't return till Thursday night. I am picking my nieces up from school all week and so I am hoping to have some fun quality time with them! I am hoping that the weather is nice tomorrow and take them downtown and walk around various spots and take pictures! Well, just talked to my sister and I pick up one of my nieces at one time and the other a little over an hour later. So we will have to plan that another day this week. I have decided that Shilo and I will go to Barnes & Noble till Jasmine is done at school! There school is on the opposite side of town and that way I can also save on gas! :-)

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