Friday, April 07, 2006

Favorite ice cream and missing CHIPS!!

Challenge: Blog about your fave ice-cream flavor.

I love mint chocolate chip and enjoy having the hardshell chocolate over it!!!! Sooo good!!!!! Tonight I learned that my favorite frozen custard place is going to start taking debit cards! They have always been a cash only place and I don't go very often cause I never carry cash so it might be dangerous that I can use my debit card! I love cookie dough concretes from Andy's!! YUMM!!!!

I feel like I haven't blogged in an eternity for some reason! It was only two days ago! Life has been busy but I am ready this weekend to relax a little!!!

I feel the need to blog about a frustration that happened at work last night! The evening shift was ordering out at my favortie sub shop so I joined in! I was going to save my sandwich and chips for when I took my break at 0200. I thought that would save me time from going to the cafeteria and hoping that I might get my paper proofread on my break. I go into the report room to get my sandwich that I took time to silk tape my chips around and place in the fridge and my chips were gone!!!!!!!! At first glance I thought my sandwich was too but I found it with the silk tape around it. I was upset that someone took my chips!!!! I went out to the nurses station and had to vent about that for a little and then went and bought me new chips - which of course wasn't going to be as good but it would have to do. I ended up not getting my paper proofread on my break. I felt like emailing my nurse manger and tell her we needed to get refridgerated lockers!!! That happens every so often on our floor. I am going to bring sushi one day and see if anyone trys to eat that! :-)

I finally got my paper proofread after getting home from work this morning. I was sooo sleepy but got it done! I wasn't that safe to drive as I kept dosing off at stoplights! I was afraid to take a nap and then deliver it as I tend to sleep through my alarm! I made it to school and back home without any incidents. There was quite a few years ago that I did fall asleep at a stoplight but my foot stayed on the brake! I happened to wake back up when the light was going from green to red again with a few cars behind me. That was scary!!!!! I am off from work for 5 days and I am going to relax a little, study a little, do a little yardwork, bath my 3 cats. Then when I get my yardwork done I am going to sit on my back porch and enjoy it!!!!!

Tonight was the first friday art walk and I missed it! One of my nieces was having a friend spend the night so my sister didn't want to go. I thought I would take Jasmine with me and she was all excited and then she wanted to go to the fitness center at the pool and I thought I would take her a little later but it just didn't work out that way. We are all planning to go to the art walk in May and then the next day is the art fest! Plus that is the same weekend as national scrapbooking day!! That will be a fun weekend! I just hope not that much is going on at school so I can enjoy it!

I do believe that I am going to lounge on my couch and watch some TV. I rarely get to do that these days - I might have to take the laptop with me though!! :-)

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Jana said...

Hi Jana.......another Jana, yahoo, and the correct spelling too!! You are now the 2nd other Jana I've met through 2 Peas which is so cool. Thanks for commenting on my blog, see you around!!!