Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Happy Birthday Sharla!!!

Happy Birthday to you Sharla! Today is my sisters birthday and we are all going to get together at our parents house. I have to be at work by 1830 and my sister a church activity tonight around that time. I wanted the night off from work so we could relax with my family but it didn't work out that way! I am so stressed from school that I find it hard to relax anymore! I can't wait for my sister and I to scrap with Elsie on Monday! I need to get my homework and supplies gathered for that!

The palm tree cake here was Jasmine's birthday cake and my sister made it! I just love it! The other picture is a group picture I had them all do so she can have a picture of all the people at her birthday slumber party! That was a challenge with little girls but we finally got it done!

OOOOOHHHH!!!!! The UPS man is in front of my house!!! It was just my energy drinks I like. I was hoping it was the scrapbooking stuff I ordered last week. The mailman hasn't made his appearance yet so there is still a chance it might come!!!

Challenge: Pick one. and Elaborate if you so wish!

chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla!!
sandals or barefoot? Sandals - the season is getting close!
basic grey or scenic route? Basic Grey - love the new urban corture!!!
primas or HS flowers? Primas!! Just ordered some on the internet last night (or this morning I should say!) I can't wait till I can scrap with them!!!
computer journaling or handwritten? A little of both but I like computer journaling the best.
Madonna or Gwen Stefani? Madonna! I have been a fan of hers since she started!
Leno or Conan? Leno - gotta love those headlines!
Koolaid or Crystal Lite? Crystal Lite
American Idol or Amazing Race? Amazing Race - never get to watch it but just realized that it is on DVD now!!!
catlover or doglover? Catlover but love dogs too. I just can't have a dog with the hours I work. Maybe someday I can get a dog but my 3 cats are darling!

Last night I was working soooo hard on getting my neuro assessment writen up and really needed to be studying for my Patho test next week. I got all my Health assessment homework and the neuro write up done and then after that taking me all night, learned it was due till next Wednesday! ARGH!!! At least it is done, happy about that but I could have used that time to finish my patho review questions. I thought I would be able to relax some after the test next week but realized that I have 2 papers to write for my health assessment class plus get together a presentation on one of those papers. I also have a case study to do for patho but I won't receive that till 4/25. All of these are due the same day so I hope that I can spit out a couple of papers next week! I am glad that I am on vacation from work for two weeks starting Sunday as I will need it to get all this done! :-) I am off to work on my patho questions a little and then to go party with my sister a little! I hope work isn't crazy busy tonight! :-)


BonnieRose said...

that cake looks way too good!

ti said...

that is one awesome looking cake!