Sunday, April 09, 2006

Flat tire and a wish list


Are there any NEW scrapbooking products {out on the market now}.. that you just **can't wait** to try? Is there something out there that you just **gotta have**? Let me know your wish lists!

I have been looking for prima flowers lately. I happened to get my hands on a beige jar one day but no colors! I need to take a trip to not to far away scrapbook store that had tons of them when I was there last!

I love basic grey papers and have been wanting the Urban Corture ever since I saw it in a magazine! I happen to have ordered this online last night so I am looking forward to a fun mail day soon!!!

I am in love with Elsie Flannigan's style and want her book that is to come out in July!!! She currently has stamps by fontwerks out there but it hasn't arrived at my LSS yet! Hopefully in the next week when I go to another class of Elsie's, they will be there!! I have recently downloaded some of her fonts and can't wait till I can use them!!!!

I have been trying to add to my American Craft ribbon collection. I just love these ribbons and would love them in all the colors!!!!

I have been in the mood to download fonts ever since I finally learned how to install them!!! I am hoping to sit down one day and download all sorts of cool fonts to use!!!! I am being smart to burn them to a CD-RW so if my computer does something stupid, I will still be happy! :-)

I have a thing with idea books and magazines! I even went out tonight and bought from scrapbook etc. "design secrets" and love it! It is very inspiring!!!

I am sure there is more out there that I would like but that is all that currently comes to mind!!!
I didn't get the things I wanted to do today done. I woke up this morning and my allergies were full blown!! My ears are clogged and I can't breath through my nose! I just know that mowing my yard last night did it! I took my shower to get ready for my day and had to lay down! My allergies was driving me crazy and thought a little nap would help. It ended up being a 3 hour nap!! I woke up about 5pm and started finishing getting ready. I had plans on going to Borders and home depot. I barely leave my house, making a left hand turn and people kept honking and looking at me! I rolled down my window as they were trying to tell me something. They were telling me that I had a flat tire! I pulled over and I did!!! I checked my trunk and I had all the things to change a flat tire but wasn't sure how to go about it. I called my dad and asked him to help me. He arrived and we changed my tire and I think I could change my own tire now after watching him. My dad found a screw that was stuck in my tire so I went to Sam's to have this repaired only to find out that they stopped taking customers at 7pm!! I asked the guy to at least look at the donut on my car to make sure it had enough air. He was nice enough to look at it. It was too low so he aired it up for me and I was on my way to do the errands I was going to do. The first thing I am doing tomorrow is getting my tire repaired.

I am shopping for a new storm door for my front door. Mine is missing the screens and I can't open them up to let fresh air in. I was told by someone recently that I was losing heating/cooling through that door as the windows arent' fitting properly. I have me a $50 gift certificate that I earned through and decided to use it to get a new door. I picked up a brochure tonight to learn how to measure for a door and also shows the various doors available. While I was there, I also got me face mask so I can hopefully finish mowing my yard without having an allergy attack later! Hope that it works!

I am going to take some Benadryl and go to bed! I hope that I wake up in the morning and can breath through my nose!


BonnieRose said...

I am with you.. a total Prima junkie.. can never have too many of those!!!!

dynamomomof2 said...

I love Elise's stuff!!